• Volvo sets out to attack the touring car championships.

    Volvo STCC Car. Volvo enters car powered bioethanol fuel.

Volvo enters the Swedish Touring Car Championship.

Volvo push their enviromental plans, by entering the STCC in 2007 with cars powered by bioethanol.

Volvo sets out to attack the touring car championships.

Once again the people at Volvo have plane to race in the Swedish Touring Car Championships, but as this is Volvo there just has to twist doesn’t it? So they will be taking their cars to track and running them on a Bioethanol fuel, type E85 to be more precise, the aim is to encourage the sport to become completely a Bioethanol fuelled competition in the future, but this year (2007) they will be up against cars fuelled with regular petrol, so it will be interesting in seeing the resulting race times and the eventual results.

Volvo have in the past been very innovative in past and once had a very successful couple of campaigns running V70 estates, quite a site seeing two large Volvo estates racing around the circuits and being successful too! They were also the first to use a catalytic converter during the 1994 season of the British Touring Car Championship, Volvo have now made the environment one of its core values, so it is not too surprising to see them enter a national motor racing championship in car powered by Bioethanol, but it is still a bold plan for a manufacturer to embark upon.

Source: Volvo Cars.

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