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Heico Sportive is the self-proclaimed home of high-performance for Volvo. Nothing could be more accurate for their take on the Volvo XC60 SUV. Heico’s focus was mainly on making the XC60 a more physically appealing package. From the more aggressive front end to the rear apron with integrated quad tipped exhaust everything that was done to this Volvo is an improvement. True to their motto, Heico did not want to create a vehicle purely for show, so they came up with a few new maps for the ECU bumping output for the T6 power plant all the way up to 315 HP.

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“Our inspiration and challenge focused on further accentuating the dynamic design of the crossover,” says HEICO SPORTIV general manager, Holger Hedtke, giving the first indications of what is to be expected of the new exterior, adding: “The design elements dissolve smoothly into one another - the Volvo XC60 should appear as an integrated whole and evoke emotions.”

Volvo XC60 by Heico Sportive
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To this end, numerous sketches were prepared and subjected to controversial internal discussion to define an initial underlying design direction... not an easy task, given the need to satisfy the “one shoe fits all” demands of internationally differing style preferences in concert with mounting precision, maximum material quality and statutory guidelines.

Volvo XC60 by Heico Sportive
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The result speaks for itself: the front spoiler of the Volvo XC60 is the first HEICO SPORTIV design element fulfilling the latest pedestrian protection guidelines. To fulfill this EG directive, the vehicle must undergo a crash test during the development process. “Compared to the conventional process, this involves considerably more effort, but it also represents a USP vis-à-vis cheaper suppliers,” explains project manager Alexander Lode. “With this, we are fulfilling the high standards that have been expected of us since the start of our cooperation with Volvo.”

Original design features such as the characteristic daytime running lamps have been retained and enhanced with striking details such as stylishly adumbrated ventilation slits. “We haven’t the slightest intention of changing the fundamental DNA of the Volvo XC60. By contrast, we regard our work as elegant style enhancement,” says Holger Hedtke about the HEICO SPORTIV philosophy.

Volvo XC60 by Heico Sportive
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This picks up again at the rear where four oval end pipes of the HEICO SPORTIV stainless steel exhaust system are integrated into the in-house developed rear apron. Alternatively, the dual pipe exhaust system in “left-right optic” can be employed in combination with the original rear apron.

Besides numerous other optical modifications to the interior, the focus for the Volvo XC60 lies on boosting performance. In doing so, one of HEICO SPORTIV’s core skills is tuning for the diesel models 2.4D and D5 (to 210 PS from the standard series values 163 PS and 185 PS respectively) and the turbo petrol engine T6 (315 PS instead of 285 PS).

Volvo XC60 by Heico Sportive
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For dynamic performance capability, the Volvo XC60 is lowered 30mm with sports springs. A sports suspension with firmer shock absorber calibration will be available in early 2009.

The light alloy wheel program VOLUTION® for the Volvo XC60 encompasses the variants VOLUTION® X. in 8x19 with 235/55R18 tires (in the colors Silver, Titan and Black Diamond Cut) and the dimension 245/45R20 on the VOLUTION® V. rim in 8.5x20 (in Silver and Titan). The highlight of the VOLUTION® lineup is the exclusive, light weight forged wheel VOLUTION® X. FORGED in 9x20 inches.

Volvo XC60 by Heico Sportive
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