VW put a brain in a Golf.

VW have developed a Golf that can drive itself, no human is needed and the car can travel up to 15p mph

VW develop a Golf that can drive itself!!

Roll on the love bug “Herbie” and even the “KIT” the Knight Rider, both cars from TV and film that could actually drive themselves around, no human required, now the clever people at VW have developed a system of electronic eyes using radar and laser sensors that link up with a processor or computer and the sat nav system.

The car is able to navigate it way around a course on a race circuit, in fact the car actually went around the course much faster and more precisely than the engineers were able to do, at some stages the reached speeds of over 150 mph!

This is a sensational achieve of design and technology, we have seen these type of auto pilot systems in planes, ships and other transportation, so we know that it can work, how this can find it way onto our road system is another story and will be years down the road so to speak.

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