After tow top models from the German maker Passat R36 and Golf R32, Volkswagen is preparing another fire -breathing version of its cars. The Touareg SUV is next on the list to profit of the top performances provided by the R-line. But unlike the R36 and the R32 Touareg refuse the petrol engine in the favor of the diesel-power.

VW R-Touareg on the way
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The SUV will get a more powerful version of he 4.9 liter v10 TDI diesel engine. This engine is easy to be upgraded, the German tuner ABT shows that the engine can deliver at least 373hp.But the most impressive part will be the torque, and Touareg will take full advantages of this attribute. The standard model develops 750Nm but the engine can provide at least 850.

The Touareg R-line is the closest image to the future R-version. This package is available through VW’s own customizing company, VW Individual. The Touareg range will be completed by a more powerful version using a W12 engine.

VW R-Touareg on the way
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  (6023) posted on 02.19.2007

VW’s diesel engine in the Touareg is such a beast! If you need visual proof, watch the top gear episode when they test it... Now that it is going to be tuned, who knows what will happen, but I’m already drooling thats for sure.

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