Oh Volkswagen, why must you tease us with cars that aren’t available in the U.S.? Ok so we don’t buy hatchback cars in big numbers, but we swear this time if us send us a race-inspired turbocharged version of the Scirocco, we’ll buy a few.

It seems VW is adding more boost to the Scirocco’s range topping current 2.0-liter engine. Volkswagen is borrowing a step from its corporate cousin and tuning the Scirocco to make the same 265 hp as currently in the Audi S3 (the Scirocco range currently tops out at 200 hp.)

VW Scirocco R20T on sale in 2010... Just not in the U.S. yet
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The car is rumored to be called the R20T (reflecting the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder). The new range topper should take some add-on design cues from the Scirocco GT24 racer, but that will likely not include the huge rear wing or low air diffusers.

If all goes well this car could be on the streets by 2010 at a price of around £25,000. At current exchange rates, that puts the car over $38,000. This means even if VW absorbed some of the price, it would still be a hard sell in the U.S. We’ve already got cars with similar horsepower and more features, like the $25K, 265 hp Subaru WRX.


Source: CarMagazine

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