VW Scirocco will get a R20T version

VW Scirocco will get a R20T version
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The Volkswagen Scirocco has been accused of being a Golf in wolf’s clothing because of the multitude parts shared. But now this is finally going to be used to the Scirocco’s advantage if it gets a version of the engine in the upcoming Golf R20.

We picked up on this rumor many months ago, but now there are also spy shots of the Scirocco testing with the 270 hp 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. While we haven’t had the opportunity to personally pilot the car because VW slammed the door on a U.S.-spec Scirocco, friends overseas have applauded the car’s suspension but have prayed from more power. So now maybe VW is listening.

To help distinguish the R20 from other Sciroccos, VW may use the larger air intake and rear wing found on the Scirocco Study R. The total package may make for an appealing car, but U.S. fans shouldn’t get too excited. If VW is leaving out the Scirocco here because it would cannibalize sales from the GTI, then it’s doubtful VW would take the chance on the much smaller production numbers of the R20.


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