Brake problems for the VW Passat

VW have had to recall over 300,000 Passats, this is due to wiper motor failure and some cars may have a brake problem.

VW to recall over 300,000 Passats.

The VW Passat is renown for being robust and reliable, yet the maker VW have had to take the unusual step of having to recall over 300,000 of the models built in the years, 2005, 2006 and 2007!

The problem that has come to the attention of the German car company is to do with the wiper motors, this is predominantly on the 2006 model where in heavy and persistent rain the wiper motor is likely to fail, due to water finding it ways some how into the motor itself and therefore causing it to fail, should this happen there is the potential for a serious accident due to visibility, this is made worse because it would seem that they are talking about driving rain, which get when moving at high speeds such as the freeway or open roads.

Also there is another problem with a few, the true figure is unknown, 2.0 T engine powered 2006 and 2007 Passats and 2007 Passat Wagons, these appear to have a braking problem, caused by a power brake vacuum line that may fracture and become loose in low temperatures, this does necessarily mean that the car has no brakes, it is more likely that the driver finds that they need to apply the brake more than normal, this is an indication and should be looked at ASAP.

The US there are around 62,000 VW Passats that may need to be looked at by the VW technicians.

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