VW Touareg in army costumes

VW Touareg in army costumes
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It could pull a Boeing 747 weighing 190 tonnes with ridiculous ease(almost) . It got a lot of praise from all of those who went off-roading in it for the first time. The V10 comes with a 5.0-liter diesel engine producing 310 hp and 533 ft-lbs of torque(enough to restart a dead planet?!)

So its rugged, its fuel efficient, its powerful and reliable. All these characteristics belong to a Hummer or a Jeep used in military applications. VW has taken some time to realize that and have come out with their new, rugged and not-so-marvelous-looking Touareg Military Edition. Its mean and its green.

The green paint has sunk the chrome and premium communications systems, recovery hooks and a machine gun has been thrown in. The idea here is to give the military officials a look at VW’s potential when it comes down to preparing vehicles which will help soldiers do their routine job. The military presently uses Merc’s G class cars which are aging and need replacements or companions. There are plenty of fitments in the exterior, and who here knows what they are for?


Source: VW Vortex

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  (6023) posted on 02.16.2008

looks cool

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