VW working on more variants of Scirocco

2009 Volkswagen Scirocco
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The Scirocco coupe from Volkswagen, when unveiled earlier this year, created waves for its design and the advanced technology that went into making it. It is a car with something for everyone. A range of powertrain options justifies that but the company isn’t planning to take a break anytime soon.

Instead VW has gone ahead working on more variants which will appeal to customers looking for power or fuel economy. VW has confirmed that the coupe will be released in an AWD format which will use a high-performance engine, which is likely to be the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine found in Audi S3 at present.

For the cost-conscious customer, VW might in the near future release a special “BlueMotion” version of the Scirocco which is aerodynamically more efficient with mechanical tweaks to help lessen C02 emissions and fuel consumption. At present, the base model employs a 1.4L TSI but the BlueMotion will probably work in tandem with a diesel engine generating fewer horses.

The Scirocco will not come stateside though it would find so many interested buyers. The collapse of the dollar against the euro is the only reason VW has for the curious American needing urgent answers.


Source: Motor Authority

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