Merc’s first modern-day pickup truck

You wouldn’t exactly be wrong if you said the X-Class is just a rebadged Nissan. In fact, it really is just a rebadged Nissan – the Nissan NP300, to be exact. Be that as it may, Merc managed to do a little bit to make it its own by adding in your traditional Mercedes styling cues like those sleek headlights, that grille, and let’s not forget the unmistakable front fascia that literally screams Mercedes. Of course, the interior is all Nissan too, but there are some Mercedes DNA in the mix there too. Under the hood, you’ll find one of four engines – two four-cylinder diesels, one V-6 diesel, and one gasoline-powered four-banger. All can be had with a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic, save for the V-6 which forces you to take the auto in exchange for a full-time four-wheel drive system. With that in mind (and despite the fact that it’s just a Nissan wearing a Mercedes costume,) we’ve decided the X-Class deserves a little time as Wallpaper of the day. We’ve picked out our favorite, but we’ve also left a gallery down at the bottom if you want to take a few more.

2018 Mercedes X-Class Desktop Wallpaper

Wallpaper of the Day: 2018 Mercedes X-Class High Resolution Exterior
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Read up on our full review of the 2018 Mercedes X-Class or slide on down to the gallery below for a big selection of X-Class wallpapers you might enjoy.

2018 Mercedes X-Class Drivetrain Specs

X200 X220d X250d X350d
Horsepower 165 163 190 257
Torque 176 lb-ft 297 lb-ft 332 lb-ft 406 lb-ft
Driveline part-time 4WD part-time 4WD part-time 4WD full-time 4WD
Transmission 6MT\7AT 6MT\7AT 6MT\7AT 6MT\7AT
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