• Wallpaper of the Day: K5 Chevy Blazer Restomod by RingBrothers

It doesn’t get better than this!

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We don’t usually feature tuner vehicles in our wallpaper of the day series. In fact, we’ve been kind of lazy with our wallpaper of the day series, haven’t we? Well, either way, that’s without consequence at this point. The point is that today, we’re featuring a tuner car or, to be more specific, a restomod. It’s a restomod by none other than RingBrothers, and it’s the best off-road restomod that we’ve ever laid eyes on. It looks like a stock K5 Blazer from a distance, but once you get up close, you’ll see the RingBrothers put in some serious work here. It has custom running boards and side panels, and it has even been lifted by an entire inch to make room for the 17-inch wheels. The interior is wrapped in a subtle leather and under the hood sits a GM-sourced, LS3 crate engine that’s good for 430 ponies. In the end, this thing is downright beautiful, and it reminds us of what SUVs used to be. If you want to know more about the RingBrothers K5 restomod, check out our full review. Otherwise, look down to grab our favorite wallpaper or browse through a rather generous selection that are all available for free download.

Wallpaper of the Day: K5 Chevy Blazer Restomod by RingBrothers
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Check out our full review of RingBrothers K5 Restomod or slide down to the gallery below to pick your very own favorite!

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