Not too many people can say that they’ve won the Monte Carlo Rally no less than four times, each time with a different car maker, but Walter Röhrl is truly one of a kind. A living legend by most accounts, the German driver has been retired from professional racing since the late 1980s, but that didn’t keep him from being active in the field of awesome driving and becoming the head test driver at Porsche.

Swede Mattias Ekström is almost half Röhrl’s age and a driving legend as well, winning two German Touring Car (DTM) championships and no less than three Races of Champions. Apart from still competing in DTM, coming in as a runner-up in 2014, Ekström has also established his own rally-cross team, fielding a 560-horsepower Audi S1 quattro. Called the EKS RX, his rally-cross team recently released some footage of Ekström and Röhrl sliding an S1 quattro around Germany’s Estering circuit.

With Walter Röhrl getting the first drive and Mattias the second, the result is rather amazing to watch, especially since the German is now 67 years old. While no lap times were published, since this was a friendly match-up, it becomes apparent that age isn’t necessarily a disadvantage for some people in their line of work. Ekström even mentions that Walter Röhrl attacked some corners even better than he did himself. The only downside of the video above is that it doesn’t show more of that bonkers Ur-quattro drifting around and showing the newer S1 what Group B was all about.

2014 Audi S1

2014 Audi S1 High Resolution Exterior
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