• Want a Car under $2500 and can’t wait for the nano ? Build Your Own Moonbeam!

    Jory Squibb
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Sick of the high initial cost of electric, hybrid and fuel effecient vehicles? Why dont you build your own micro-car? Jory Squibb did. He designed and built his own Moonbeam. All for less than $2,500 and via his website he can show you how to build your own too!

Jory Squibb built the micro car because he was tired of filling up his Toyota. His reasoning behind it is many people can get away with driving such a green machine as most of us drive short distances and usually do not exceed 45 mph. This sci-fi inspiring machine will seat 1 passenger with about 6 bags of groceries. Jory used two salvaged scooters for parts and the moonbeam is powered by a 150cc Honda engine. He claims about 100 mpg on flat surfaces and 85 mpg around town.

Currently Jory and friends are working on a car that can reach 85 mph and can get 100mph while carrying two full people. His aim is to win the Automotive X prize. Recently they purchased a small diesel motor and are experimenting with other ideas. If you not ready to build your own yet, but are curious or hopeful to see what he will eventually come out with you can help. Donations towards this project is tax dedcutable. If you were not afraid of Ford Excursions before, you probably will after driving the Moonbeam...


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IeatBrknGlass  (5) posted on 10.1.2008

lol...It almost looks like a personal sub.

IeatBrknGlass  (68) posted on 09.30.2008

I’ll wait for the IIHS to test front, side, rear, and rollover protection.

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