There are some things that aren’t meant for this world, and a McLaren SUV is one of them

SUVs seem to be all the hype these days, but one could argue that there are so many simply because automakers want to extort the current trend – that’s why there are literally hundreds of them on the global market from brands like Ford and Chevy all the way up to the uber-luxury brands like Bentley and, pretty soon, even Ferrari with its upcoming Purosangue. Eventually, the SUV trend is going to die much like the last big trend –fuel-efficient compact cars – did when fuel prices finally started to come down. Eventually, all the automakers that have focused their entire lineups on SUVs (Ford, you’re one of the worst offenders, by the way) there’s one company that isn’t caving in any way, shape, or form, regardless of how much you beg or offer to pay. I’m talking about McLaren – a brand that’s taking a stand and even calling out brands like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Ferrari for giving up their purity to make a quick buck.

No McLaren SUV….Ever

Want a McLaren SUV? Better Keep Wishing Bucko Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Long story short, McLaren won’t build an SUV regardless of how much you beg and plead them to do so. At this point, it sounds like the company is going to stick to its guns even if you show up on its doorstep with $30 million dollars and a hard-on for a McLaren SUV. On that note, if there’s anyone out there that wants to try, please get in touch with me – I’d love to be there to record how the whole scenario goes down.

But, I digress.

The point is that McLaren isn’t giving in to the trend, even if its competition is so willing to jump on the wagon.

In fact, McLaren’s Director of the Sports Series Division even fired a mild shot at the competition by saying “They are all just chasing volume. It’s not pure. Thinking about the difference between mass production and an exclusive product is quite different.” Goddard went on to say, “There is nothing cool about an SUV.” Whether you agree or not, you have to recognize just how pure that statement is and what it means to be coming from someone deep within the management structure of a company like McLaren. The company obviously knows what it’s doing, and the fact that it won’t just give in and do what everyone else is doing is very important. Should I call it….Integrity as a brand? In this case, yes, I like I should.

There Won’t Be a McLaren SUV, but The Brand Won’t Avoid All Trends

2021 McLaren Hybrid Sports Car
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McLaren may have zero interest in making an SUV, even as a one-off, and I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting that to change, either. However, the company isn’t immune to change, and you might be happy to know that McLaren is considering an EV supercar. Where it’ll sit within the companies current lineup is still a complete mystery, as is when we’ll actually see it, but the company is working on it and even claims that a McLaren EV is “in the early stages.”

With EVs starting to pop up left and right, seeming just as fast as SUVs started to at the turn of the decade, it’s not always as easy as {some} companies make it seem.

For McLaren, the company has a reputation to maintain, and it won’t deliver anything that doesn’t off the true McLaren driving experience. Any McLaren EV has to feel like a gas-powered car the company sells today:

“It’s still about the driving experience. That’s where we are right now,” Goddard says. "We’re in more of an evaluation program than a development program,” said Goddard.

2021 McLaren Hybrid Sports Car
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To sum it up, the company doesn’t have the right technology to make it happen, and it’s not going to cave into the trend too early like one could argue Porsche has done with the Taycan, for example. Goddard went on to say, “We are waiting for the right technology that will allow us to have a McLaren experience. We know it’s not ready now. We’re not entirely sure when it will be ready.”

So, if you want to ask me when we’ll see a McLaren EV, I can’t give you an answer.

The chances are that it’ll be at least 5 years down the road if not longer. As of right now, though, there’s one thing that we know for sure – We’ll see a McLaren EV long before we see a McLaren SUV, trends and desire be damned.

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