It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, provided that you’re eligible to buy one

It’s one thing to buy a 2020 Ford Mustang for around $37,000; it’s another thing entirely to add somewhere in the vicinity of $8,000 to $10,000 to buy aFord Mustang Boss 302 from the Ford Performance Racing School. Given a choice, which one would you go for? Yes, the Ford Performance Racing School is selling 14 of its heavily modified Mustang Boss 302FRS race cars for just $45,000. That’s the good news. No, it’s great news. The bad news is that you just can’t call the school and tell them that you’re interested in one of the 14 Boss 302FRS racers. You need to have attended one of the school’s programs to be eligible to buy these race cars. If you do belong to this exclusive list, you can buy one of the 14, provided there’s any left. Should you get the nod, the race cars will be available for pick up by October 20, 2019, and you’re going to be responsible for picking the car up, possibly at the Ford Performance Racing School in Grantsville, Utah.

Want a Real Ford Boss 302FRS Race Car? Well, You Can Have It If You're Quick Enough and Have $45K
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A Ford Mustang Boss 302 doesn’t go on sale very often. In the event that one does hit the market, it’s usually scooped up faster than it took me to finish writing this sentence. But what if a highly modified Ford Mustang Boss 302 race car went up for sale? Even better, what if 14 of them went up for sale at the same time?

That’s the bombshell that the Ford Performance Racing School dropped in an email to former students, announcing that 14 of these highly-modified race-spec Mustang Boss 302 FRS models are, in fact, for sale at a price of just $45,000.

Reports indicate that the offer comes by way of the Ford Performance Racing School, and it’s an exclusive offer at that. According to emails sent out to the school’s past students, the racing school is “extending an exclusive opportunity to you to purchase 1 of the only 14 purpose-built race cars by Ford Performance Racing School to compete in NASA ST-3.”

Want a Real Ford Boss 302FRS Race Car? Well, You Can Have It If You're Quick Enough and Have $45K
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Mind you, these cars aren’t your typical Mustang Boss 302s. They’re Mustang Boss 302s, sure, but they’re also heavily modified, race-spec versions that were created to fit the needs of the school and its students. Each of the 14 Mustang Boss 302FRS racers comes with RECARO Pro Race fiberglass seats and a Safecraft five-point harness. Don’t expect the usual creature comforts that are normally found in the interior of a Mustang, though. But there is an FIA-approved roll cage and a fire suppression system, two items that offer more value in a car like this than any kind of premium leather and Alcantara ever will.

The racers are also equipped with front splitters and G-Stream rear wings, ensuring that they perform like certified race cars for the racing school.

Capable radiators are also included in the modifications while the brake lines are made from braided steel. Speaking of which, the race car’s front brakes take the form of Brembo four-piston front calipers and rotors while the rear brakes come with PFC rotors. You can also dress up these race-spec Mustang Boss 302s in the colors that you prefer, provided that you buy one of the 14 available units. All the available models are identically prepared and include basic livery, but once you get your hands on one, you can dress it up in several different colors, including red, white, silver, green, black, and blue. Needless to say, racing stripes are also part of the package. These stripes come in either black, green, silver, white, red, or yellow.

Want a Real Ford Boss 302FRS Race Car? Well, You Can Have It If You're Quick Enough and Have $45K
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The biggest and arguably most important feature of these Mustang Boss 302FRS race cars is the engine that makes it all come together.

Each of the 14 units is powered by a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that produces 444 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque.

All that power travels to the two rear wheels courtesy of a Tremec Magnum T56 XL transmission. There are no posted performance times for these race cars, but considering that they’re built specifically for racing, you can expect these 14 units to run faster than your own expectations.

It’s not hard to make a case for these race cars. Everything about the Ford Mustang Boss 302FRS race cars speaks to our inner sensibilities as artisans of speed and performance. The fact that each of the 14 units only costs around $45,000 makes these models a lot more appealing. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to buy these race cars.

Want a Real Ford Boss 302FRS Race Car? Well, You Can Have It If You're Quick Enough and Have $45K
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You have to be a current or former student at the Ford Performance Racing School to have that opportunity. Tough luck for most of us, but an incredible stroke of fortune for those who qualify. Those who are interested in purchasing any one of these race cars can do so by contacting Tommy Rhinehart at (435) 277-8789 or email

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