No V-8 burble from this Mustang-lookalike, but at least it should go fast

The market for restomods is growing as we see more and more cars modified with a modern twist. Now, there’s a new wave of constructors that try to tease you with a slightly altered recipe: a classic-looking car with modern, eco-friendly, propulsion. One fine example of this is the Aviar Motors R67 built in Russia that, as the name subtly suggests, strongly resembles a Ford Mustang from the year 1967.

Have you ever thought of buying a Mustang replica from a Russian company? What about a Mustang replica from a Russian company that’s also electric and has over 700 pound-feet of torque? As strange as it may sound, Aviar Motors is planning to build just that. This new start-up company has showcased its plans for a retro-looking EV that’s nothing more than a slightly modified 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. As far as we’re concerned, that’s not a bad starting point at all, as long as Ford agrees with the whole thing.

An EV Mustang replica for Russia. The questions are mounting

Want an All-Electric Ford Mustang? Aviar Motors in Russia Might Hook You Up
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Aviar Motors recently presented digital renders of its upcoming car: the R67. It’s supposed to be an EV that will sit on a multi-material chassis that blends aluminum and carbon fiber together. The body will also feature some carbon fiber body panels and will be more aerodynamic than that of the original - the lip is an indication to that. There’s also an electronically-activated rear spoiler that lifts up when you exceed 75 mph.

Want an All-Electric Ford Mustang? Aviar Motors in Russia Might Hook You Up
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The R67 will be powered by two electric motors that combine for a total power output of 840 horsepower and 713 pound-feet of torque.

That means that it has enough power to send the car barreling to 62 mph in just 2.2 seconds which is, frankly, Bugatti fast. The battery pack is placed behind the seats which means that this Mustang-styled machine is not a 2+2 like the original. But you will get 315 miles on one charge although the whole thing shouldn’t weigh below 4,800 pounds despite all of the carbon fiber.

Want an All-Electric Ford Mustang? Aviar Motors in Russia Might Hook You Up
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Inside, the interior deserts any of the classic cues inside a 50-year-old Mustang and goes all-digital.

You get a Tesla-inspired screen on the center console with air vents placed on either side. The gauge cluster behind the steering wheel is basically another digital screen, and most of the interior is wrapped in two-tone leather. The R67 comes with dual-zone climate control, 12-way power adjustable seats, a rearview camera, panoramic sunroof, and keyless entry. There are also six airbags and 11 speakers as well as others that can be mounted on the outside to make the R67 sound like a Shelby GT500 model.

Want an All-Electric Ford Mustang? Aviar Motors in Russia Might Hook You Up
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It all sounds nice and promising, but it’s unclear when will Aviar build a working example of the R67 and when it will be available for purchase. If, however, the company will gather the funds to actually get cracking in the real world, this could shape up to be a very interesting project indeed.

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