Want an SRT Viper? Your dealer must prove itself worthy

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Here’s a tidbit of bad news for anyone looking to buy the new SRT Viper: The company has announced that only about 15-20% of all Chrysler Group dealerships will have the chance to actually sell the new Viper. In order to be able to sell the sports car, dealerships will have to train their staff, buy special tools, and improve their facilities.

"We’re going to open it up to any dealer who can put the money forward and the training, but it’s going to be pretty difficult to hit all of those things," Ralph Gilles, head of the high-performance SRT brand said during a broadcast interview with journalists in Detroit this month. "You’ve got to have the training, the facilities, and some history of selling Vipers and SRTs in general."

Gilles also announced that the company can’t "legally stop someone who’s sold a Viper in the past from selling it," but the company will try to make it a little difficult because they want their customers to enjoy the best experience possible from their dealer.

Prices for the new SRT Viper haven’t been announced just yet, but Gilles is very sure the new generation will bring lots of new customers.


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  (647) posted on 08.14.2012

Dealers have nothing to do with the sales of SRT Viper. It’s the manufacturer. If they have made a low quality cars, then they should pull out those ones and replace them with good models to preserve the SRT Viper at all dealers worldwide.

  (596) posted on 08.13.2012

This is actually a bad news for some who love this car model. They should sell this car in all dealers.

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