• Want the MG Cyberster to Go Into Production? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The MG Cyberster could be the first sporty car from MG in recent memory

When you think about the MG brand (if you think about it, that is), you probably don’t think about sporty cars. Cars like the MG TF Roadster or the MG6 might come to mind, and they were kind of sporty, but they were also a decade ago. There was the MG MG3 Trophy Championship Concept, but nothing tangible came from it. The Mazda knock-off that was the MG X-Motion Concept promised to bring a sporty SUV into the mix as does the Cyberster Concept, but so far, most of MG’s concepts are just that: concepts that never come to fruition. Well, that could change with the Cyberster, but it won’t happen without some…..ahem….. assistance.

If You Want To See The Cyberster Concept On The Road, Prove You Want One

Want the MG Cyberster to Go Into Production? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Exterior
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MG has thrown some pretty cool concepts our way. The 2012 MG Icon Concept, for example, promised us a sporty little hatchback with aggressive design cues and a heart of gold. The 2013 MG CS Concept looked ahead of its time for something back then, but all we ended up getting was a toned down Peugeot knock-off. Then the MG X-Motion Concept showed up with lots of promise, only to fade away with little more than a few spy shots of a production model testing back in 2019. Now here we are staring at the long, unique nose of the Cyberster Concept that could end up being the sports car we were promised way back in 2013, but that’ll only happen if you and a bunch of other people, put down some cheddar.

Want the MG Cyberster to Go Into Production? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Exterior
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Apparently, the MG Cyberster’s alluring, polarizing looks aren’t enough for it to slide into the production cue. MG wants to put this beast of a car into production, but it won’t do it on its own. Maybe it’s afraid nobody will buy it, or maybe MG simply doesn’t want to spend the money without assurances. Either way, the Cyberster isn’t going into production unless it runs through a successful crowdfunding campaign similar to that of a Kickstarter, only called the MG CyberCUBE.

If you’re willing to drop just $154 into a “share”, or about 1,000 RMB, you’ll be one of the 5,000 people MG needs to put the car into production.

Once 5,000 shares, aka “Dream Gold,” the Cyberster will go into production and that $154 will serve as your deposit. If the campaign doesn’t reach its goal, you’ll get your money back.

Want the MG Cyberster to Go Into Production? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Exterior
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There are two things that don’t make a lot of sense with this crowdfunding technique, however. For starters, a $154 deposit is nothing for a car like the Cyberster

. If all 5,000 shares are claimed, the company will rake in just $770,000, and that’s not really a lot when it comes to producing a vehicle – limited numbers or not.

The second issue here is that while MG has told us about CyberCUBE, it hasn’t released any information on how to find the platform to make your $154 deposit. Doing a simple search for Cybercube isn’t promising either. The first result is a sketchy .gg domain that appears related to gambling for what that is worth.

Want the MG Cyberster to Go Into Production? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Exterior
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Be that as it may, if things really do work out, the production version of the Cyberster is expected to offer around 500 miles of range and is said to get to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Pricing is another mystery, but I wouldn’t expect the Cyberster to be an electric alternative to the Mazda MX-5, that’s for sure.

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