It’s an odd trade off, but it’s not unreasonable.

The barter system goes back about as far as conscious intelligence and has been the primary method of paying for services or obtaining products over a number of different eras all over the world. When you think about bartering, you probably think about people trying to trade things online or maybe that it will be a form of currency after the apocalypse. Craigslist is a primary source of barter trading with people often trying to trade off a car for a truck, or a car for some other toys – hell I’ve even seen people try to trade houses for cars. But, a post on Racing Junk, is by far the craziest barter offering that I’ve seen in my short time on this planet.

To put it simply, a Mr. Emilio Cirelli wants to trade his private island for a Porsche 918 Spyder. And we’re not talking about a trade plus cash. We’re talking about a straight up trade. If it sounds familiar, the same individual posted an ad on Craigslist a few years back trying to trade off the island for a Ferarri Enzo. This time, the island is listed on Racing Junk along with the photo you see above. According to the post, it is a three-acre private island that is about 10 miles south of Daytona Beach. From the look of things, there isn’t anything on the island, and the listing says its “survey ready for your development.”

There is a little more to the story, however. Teamspeed managed to do a short interview with Mr. Cirelli and found out a little more about it. Apparently, he’s a car enthusiast who has owned around 40 Alfa Romeos and Maseratis. Furthermore, he says he’s looking for a 918 Spyder now because he owns a Porsche 911 and thinks that “the Porsche is one of the best cars made.”

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Why it matters

During his interview with Teamspeed, Cirelli was asked why he is offering up his island for trade instead of just selling it. His response is quite interesting:
“Sometimes, with cars, I wouldn’t mind doing the trade. It’s a lot easier. Sometimes [the Porsche 918s], once somebody purchases them, they want a lot more than they pay for them. Most people who bought the 918, they paid around $800,000-$900,000 because they’re limited production.”

Also, he apparently owns two other islands and has sold the island that is now up for trade twice in the last ten years. It’s all pretty crazy when you think about it, but the 918 Spyder was going for somewhere in the seven-figure range, so it’s really not a bad deal if you’re looking for an undeveloped private island to do with as you please.

Source: Racing Junk

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