• Warehouse Find: 11 1994 BMW 5-Series E34s with Zero Miles

The discovery was made in southwestern Bulgaria

From time to time a story such as this one pops up, where people stumble across many cars that were forgotten in storage. Such discoveries are akin to time machines, so when we heard that 11 essentially brand new E34 5-Series BMW were discovered in a warehouse in Bulgaria, we had to check it out.

That’s a Bunch of Brand-New BMW 5 Series’ From 1994

It seems all eleven examples were believed to have been bought new back in the early 1990s for intended use in a rental car service. However, for unknown reasons, they were never registered and therefore never turned a wheel outside said warehouse.

They’re all manufactured in 1994 and in pretty good condition, although some of the cars’ paint finish did show signs of aging - it looks like water dripped from the warehouse’s ceiling and some are also scratched. Inside, however, they are all in mint condition, like you would have seen them on the showroom floor back in the day.

Most examples are 520is, but there are a few 525i higher performance models as well.

The cars are all probably going to be sold off and will probably fetch a pretty penny, however, local Bulgarian law doesn’t allow these old cars to be registered as new. But, maybe they can be registered as classic vehicles (as they probably should be), since they are all nearly 30 years old and should qualify, or they can be registered in another country but stay in Bulgaria where they spent the last nearly three decades in undisturbed seclusion.

Source: Autoclub BG

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