• Was a Next-Gen Ford Mustang Bullitt Caught Playing in Chicago?

It looks legit, but you can never know about these things

One of the Forum goers over at Mustang6g.com was out and about in Chicago when he spotted what could very well be a Bullitt version of the sixth-gen Mustang. Of course, there’s no word from Ford, but its resemblance to the sketch of a Bullitt in a previous promotion video is downright uncanny. It even appears to be wearing the Dark Highland Green (DHG for short) and has those five-spoke wheels with black spokes and chrome accents. You can really make out if the rear window louvers are in place, but if you look just behind the roof line, it does appear as if there’s a little turgidity there that could, perhaps, be window louvers. If not, then maybe this is just a weird coincidence, but what do you think? Keep Reading for a little more

It Could be a Trick

Was a Next-Gen Ford Mustang Bullitt Caught Playing in Chicago?
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The Bullitt Mustang is revered. Your Ford-hating buddy probably even understands and appreciates the Bullitt Mustang. But, whether or not this one is actually real, or is even happening for the sixth-gen Mustang is a bit of a reach. See, Ford has a nasty little habit of really sticking it to its fanboys by using heritage to sell a new model but not making the said model. Remember back when Ford introduced the 2005 Mustang? Ford’s commercial had all the right nuts and bolts. It had Steve McQueen’s likeness, a farm, a winding racetrack, and even a toss of the keys to a digitally created McQueen. Of course, if you know your Ford history, there was no 2005 Ford Mustang Bullitt. In fairness, the car in that commercial wasn’t painted in DHG, and this one appears to be, but it could be another marketing gimmick to show off the 2018 Mustang and all of its new features. All I’m saying is, don’t get too excited just yet. Just as a fun look back, here’s that Mustang introduction video from 2005 that I was just talking about. Think a digital version of Steve McQueen will show up in the 2018 Mustang Commercial that was being filmed in Chicago? Let us know your thoughts… or how badly you want a new Bullitt in the comments section below.


Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang High Resolution Exterior
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