The perils of a 4,000-horsepower drag car come in full view

Anytime you’re driving a car that’s carrying an engine with 4,000 horsepower on tap, you better be ready for the consequences that come with that kind of insanity. Driver Daniel Pharris found this out first-hand when the obscenely tricked-out Chevrolet Corvette C7 that he was driving went completely vertical during a drag race event at the Tulsa Raceway Park.

Fortunately, Pharris escaped the harrowing ordeal with all of his appendages intact. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the C7 as parts of the car literally tore off when its nose pointed to the sky. If you didn’t know what a 4,000-horsepower drag car is capable of, this video is a good example on why you shouldn’t take these cars lightly.

This is What Happens When You Have Too Much Power and No Wheelie Bars

Watching a video like this gives you a better perspective of the dangers of racing, though, I suppose there is something inherently spectacular in seeing a 4,000-horsepower Chevrolet Corvette C7 go completely sideways because it had too much power and torque.

The car in question is owned by the Alepa Racing drag team and the man behind the wheel, Daniel Pharris, was tasked to race it against an equally powerful Chevrolet Camaro in the semifinals of the 1/8-mile competition in the Radial Revenge Tour.

The two monstrous drag cars lined up as they would, and as soon as the race begun, all hell breaks loose.

Watch a 4,000-Horsepower Corvette Defy Gravity on the Drag Strip
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First, the two cars lifted their noses off the ground thanks to all the torque their engines were producing. Eventually, the Camaro’s front wheels went back to earth as it soldiered on down the track. The Corvette C7, on the other hand, took to the air as pieces of the car tore away. The car flew over the center line of the track before crashing into the other lane where it skidded sideways as it continued to shred parts of its body.

The scene is as spectacular as it is horrifying. Watching a car take to the air in that fashion shows how powerful — and dangerous — it is to drive a car of that state. Fortunately, Pharris didn’t suffer any serious injuries from the hellacious ride he was put through. He even managed to post a 4.6-second time at 226.9 mph. You would think that with the aerial assault and the ensuing crash, the Corvette C7 wouldn’t have been able to post such an impressive time.

Watch a 4,000-Horsepower Corvette Defy Gravity on the Drag Strip
- image 905251

Even more fortunate, the Corvette C7 wasn’t too banged up from the ordeal, despite the unintended aerobatics stunt it pulled off. Sure, parts tore off the car and the ‘Vette had a hard landing, but according to Pharris Motorsports, the car could be repaired and restored back to racing condition.

Hopefully, it doesn’t suffer a similar fate the next time it hits the drag strip.

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