• Watch a BMW M5, Mercedes-AMG E63 S, and a Porsche Panamera Turbo S Duke it Out!

What better sight than watching three Germans in a conventional drag race! In this video, we see Matt Prior of Autocar, give a brief about all the three vehicles – the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, the Mercedes AMG E63 S, and the BMW M5. Undoubtedly, these are competent vehicles individually, but where do they stand when pitted against each other?

On paper, the Panamera is the clear heavyweight; both literally and metaphorically. It holds the baton with 80 horses more than the M5 and the E63, both of which deliver 600 ponies with ease. Also, the Panamera has a hybrid drivetrain, which gives it a clear advantage over the two gasoline engines.

The video also shows us the way launch control is activated in all three cars and how the transmission affects the way the car takes off It’s very exciting! The M5 is mated to a torque converter, while the E63 has a multi-plate dry clutch automatic gearbox, and the Panamera has a dual clutch transmission System. Spoiler – this actually matters in a drag race.

Which car do you think would win the race? I’m sure you can derive the right answer by doing a simple calculation with the given information. How about you let us know your guess in the comments section below BEFORE watching the video? Go ahead. We’d love to see an AMG vs. M vs. Porsche fan-fight.

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