How does 192 mph suit ‘ya?

If you’re the kind of person who dreams of taking their tuned-up Bavarian ground-bound rocket to the very limit, then we’ve got just the video for you. Shot on the German autobahn, what we have here is one particularly intrepid soul going for broke in his range-topping BMW M5 Competition, maxing out at an impressive 309 km/h (192 mph)!

Foot Down, Eyes Forward!

This latest top speed video comes to us courtesy of AutoTopNL, which documents this particular high-speed run with a digital speedometer on the left-hand side of the screen to give us a clear picture of just how fast this Bimmer is really moving.

According to the video title, this particular M5 is laying down an impressive 625 horsepower, which is just a bit more than the stock vehicle’s 617 horsepower.

Torque output remains unchanged, peaking at 553 pound-feet total. Making the go is a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8, with the 60-mph benchmark achieved in about 3.3 seconds.

Watch a Brave Soul Max Out the F90 BMW M5 Competition on the Autobahn
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Shot from the driver’s point of view, the video does a good job relaying a sense of speed to those watching. The terrain blurs by at an astonishing rate, while slower traffic looks like it’s standing still.

Of course, it’s gotta be said - this was shot on the autobahn, so unless you live near some unrestricted part of the famous German highway, don’t try this at home!

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