Maxing a Bugatti Veyron on Volkswagen’s special test track is one thing, but doing so on a public road is another. Thankfully it is perfectly legal to try it on unrestricted parts of the German autobahn, which is what this Veyron owner from the Czech Republic did.

He took his 1,001 metric horsepower Veyron to Germany, and for the first runs he didn’t manage to activate the car’s top speed mode due to air temperature being too low - the car never exceeded 375 km/h / 233 mph during these first runs.

New runs were scheduled for a warmer part of the year (as well as on a national holiday when the roads are empty) and an even more suitable stretch of highway, running from Berlin to Hannover.

And during this second attempt, the conditions were much better, and the car was able to achieve 402.5 km/h / 249.8 mph.

The car used for the top speed attempt is a completely stock Veyron which for the second set of runs had new tires and a new gearbox installed.

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