The owner, a solo traveler, was in the middle of nowhere when his Jeep caught fire

How agonizing would it be if your car caught fire in front of your eyes and you couldn’t do anything about it? YouTuber Casey Kaiser found himself helpless in a similar situation when his Jeep Wrangler caught fire while he was filming an off-road adventure. He made it out alive, but the Jeep didn’t.

The Full Story

Ten minutes into the video, Kasey reaches a gate in the deserts of Oregon as he’s looking for a place to camp for the night. He turns off the Jeep and hops outside to open the gate, but notices smoke coming from underneath the hood.

As soon as Casey pops the hood, the fire grows stronger. He uses a fire extinguisher to combat the blaze.

Initially, it looks as though he will be able to douse the fire, but pretty soon, the extinguisher goes empty.

The flames start to engulf the Jeep, so Casey grabs a couple of gallons of water to pour onto the fire. This too seems to work in the beginning, but the fire spreads to the passenger compartment. So, realizing his futile attempts, he grabs as much stuff he can from the Jeep, as he’s at least 30 miles away from civilization.

Within a few minutes, the Jeep is charred to death. Casey still shows his presence of mind and prevents the fire from spreading to the nearby vegetation. After the fire eventually burns itself out, Casey is able to send his GPS coordinates to his friend, who picks him up the following morning. The root cause of the fire is still unknown.

Well, at least Kasey came out of the whole incident unscathed. Watch the whole video to relive Casey’s unfortunate ordeal.

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