• Watch a Modernized Toyota FJ40 Come to Life at the Hands of Chip Foose

This is how Chip Foose would update the iconic Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

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If you haven’t been watching Hagerty’s YouTube channel recently you missed out on a cool videos featuring Chip Foose. He redesigns a few cool cars from the past and he even envisioned the old Volkswagen Beetle as a hot rod. In this latest episode of "Chip Foose Draws a Car," the American designer makes revisions to the iconic Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser.

Watch a Modernized Toyota FJ40 Come to Life at the Hands of Chip Foose
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An SUV designed in the late 1950s, the FJ40 is far from modern as far as design goes. But Foose opted to keep it close to the original, altering with a few small details. He moved the driving lights from the fender to the front bumper, replaced the rectangular mirrors with round ones to match the headlamps, add added flares to the rear fenders. He also redesigned the front bumper and created a slimmer front grille. His drawing looks like a facelift or a mild restomod version, which is really cool.

Watch a Modernized Toyota FJ40 Come to Life at the Hands of Chip Foose
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One of Toyota’s most iconic model, the FJ40 was introduced in 1960. It was powered by a variety of inline-four and inline-six engines and spawned various pickup truck and SUV versions.

Toyota built the FJ40 until 1984, until it replaced it with the more modern FJ70.

However, the SUV remained in production in Brazil. Launched in 1968, the Brazilian-made FJ40 soldiered on until 2001. From 1968 to 1994, these FJ40s were powered by Mercedes-Benz diesel engines.

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