• Watch a Tesla-Powered 2006 Honda S2000 Run a 10-Second Quarter Mile

With such performance on tap, few can miss the high-revving Honda 2.0-liter

If you’re still dreaming of the Honda S2000’s amazing 100-horsepower/liter figure that was an industry benchmark in the sports car class for years, there’s now a new benchmark, at least in the S2000 world. As expected, it’s highly modified but in an unusual way: it sports the drivetrain from a Tesla Model S P100D.

Discontinued back in 2009, the S2000 remained the backbone of many modified rides over the years. This white example, nicknamed "Model S2000", is one of the raddest yet. It’s employing parts from the Tesla Model S and the Chevrolet Volt to tear up the dragstrip and seamlessly tick a quarter-mile time of 10.24 without much hassle. And that’s only the beginning.

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Tesla Powered Honda S2000 Quarter-Mile Run

When was the first time you heard the word S2000 next to the EV acronym? Was it, maybe, just as you read this? Well, frankly, there aren’t many people out there who’d tackle the tricky job of converting the otherwise naturally-aspirated gas-powered S2000 into a blindingly quick electric car. But someone thought it’s a worthy endeavor.

That someone is actually a group of three tech-savvy companies that are involved in the EV business: The Véhicules Électriques Simon André car dealership in Trois-Rivières, the Institut du véhicule innovant (IVI), a research group specializing in break-through technology for tomorrow’s means of transport, and 057 Technology, Jason Hughes’ company who is in the business of keeping Teslas on the road and much, much more.

What these three companies have done is create an S2000 with the rear-wheel-drive motor from the Tesla Model S P100D Performance and a controller motor powered by 2 Chevrolet Volt battery packs.

The Tesla motor develops 636-horsepower in this S2000 and buckets upon buckets of torque.

Watch a Tesla-Powered 2006 Honda S2000 Run a 10-Second Quarter Mile
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For better weight distribution, the battery packs were split between the trunk and under the hood. To keep everything in place, the S2000 is now sitting on Tesla’s subframe. The American EVs braking system was also borrowed for the purposes of this conversion.

The "Model S2000" is capable of reaching 62 mph in around 2.7 seconds which made it possible for it to achieve a quarter-mile time of 10.24 seconds. In the future, the team aims to dip below 10 seconds with the electric Honda, which doesn’t seem to be particularly hard to do. What is more, they want to make it usable on the open road next year so that it can be used as a daily driver.

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