The best off-roaders still need help from their peers

Land Rover Range Rovers are highly touted for their off-road prowess as much as their upscale and luxurious reputations. But every so often, even Superman needs some help. That proved to be the case in this video when a Range Rover, as capable as it is, got stuck in soft sand. Helpless in their predicament, the owners of the Range Rover called upon, of all things, a Jeep, arguably the only off-roader that’s as capable as the British SUV. To be fair, the Jeep is a recovery vehicle so it’s set up specifically for that purpose. Still, it is amusing to see a Jeep pulling a Range Rover out of its perilous predicament. It just goes to show that even one of the best luxury off-road SUVs sometimes still needs a little help.

This whole episode is proof that just because you’re driving a capable off-road SUV, that doesn’t mean you just take it out of the garage and go on your way. From the looks of it, that’s exactly what happened here. The owners of the Range Rover went on an outdoor adventure without meticulously preparing for the trip. It’s hard to make out because of the moving parts, but it does look like the Range Rover is wearing stock rubber tires that may not have been suitable for the off-road fun the owners wanted to have.

It doesn’t matter that the Range Rover features a supercharged V-6 engine with 340 horsepower or even a supercharged V-8 unit that produces well over 500 horsepower.

It doesn’t matter that it packs plenty of four-wheel-drive capability or that it boasts Land Rover’s Terrain Response system. If it’s not wearing off-road-specific tires, there’s a good chance that it’s going to end up just like this Range Rover. Fortunately, an old Jeep Cherokee comes to the rescue, though it must be said that this isn’t your typical Cherokee, either. It’s a heavily-customized recovery vehicle that’s tuned specifically to save hapless vehicles that get stuck in predicaments that are beyond the latter’s control. The Jeep looks like it’s sitting on a heavily modified suspension, too. It’s wearing huge off-road tires, and it comes with a purpose-built winch that’s there for obvious recovery purposes.

Watch an Old Yellow Jeep Save a Range Rover That's Stuck in the Sand
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As expected, it only takes a matter of minutes before the Jeep pulls the Range Rover out of the sand trap it caught itself in. But just as quickly as the Range Rover experiences the sweet taste of freedom, it once again gets stuck in another patch of soft sand, forcing the recovery Jeep to come to its rescue one more time. This time, the recovery team decide to tow the Range Rover for about half a mile until the two SUVs reached firmer ground.

Apparently, the Range Rover’s weight — a burdening 5,000 pounds — caused the sand underneath to get too disturbed, sinking the SUV’s tires along the way.

But it seems that all’s well that ends well. The Range Rover managed to survive the ordeal without too much damage to its frame and powertrain. Then again, that probably wouldn’t have been the case if the Jeep recovery off-roader didn’t come to its aid as quickly as it did. This is a good lesson for those who own SUVs that are supposedly geared for the outdoors. Just because that’s the case, that doesn’t mean you don’t go out of our way to beef up your SUVs so that it could better handle the unpredictable conditions that will come your way. Using off-road tires instead of stock rubbers is one of many ways to prepare for your adventures.

Watch an Old Yellow Jeep Save a Range Rover That's Stuck in the Sand
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It is, after all, hard to expect a recovery Jeep sitting in every corner of the outdoors, ready to lend a helping hand in your time of distress.

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