This design is definitely going to draw polarizing opinions

The first-gen Ford Bronco is much adored by enthusiasts and purists for its timeless, classic design philosophy. Even the celebrity automotive designer, Chip Foose, prefers this to other generations. Now, given the skills and talent of this man, he can put down his imagination of a car on paper. So, what does he do? He redesigns the first-gen Bronco as a drop-top hot rod and gives us a peek at a one-of-a-kind Bronco that may not be present in any parallel universe either. Do you dig it?

A Low-Riding Bronco

Watch Chip Foose Redesign The First-Gen Ford Bronco As A Hot-Rod
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Chip starts by explaining his fondness for this particular model and how he’s imagined it as a hot rod while retaining the Bronco’s flair – or at least some of it. Going by his reputation, you’d expect this design to be bold as well. While working on the design, Chip goes on to explain that the result will be a low-riding hot rod with various new elements.

As he gets closer completion, he tells us that this build – virtual, for now – will have a Mustang chassis underneath and a five-speed manual gearbox.

The redesigned Bronco also involves a billet grille and rear wing. The car is a full-time roadster but not a convertible. So, Chip even got rid of the door handles on the outside. The hood scoop is present, but the designer would prefer a Mustang hood on it with the little edge at the tip in the center. The windshield is also much smaller. Coming to the paint scheme, Chip has opted for a simple white color with blue racing stripes on it.

Final Thoughts

Watch Chip Foose Redesign The First-Gen Ford Bronco As A Hot-Rod
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Some might consider this design as a desecration of the original Bronco, but to each his own. Generally, people would prefer to convert it to a pickup truck, or a beefed-up version of what it is. Chip’s design is a fresh take on the first-gen Bronco and something we’ve not seen earlier. What are your thoughts on this design - yay or nay? Share with us in the comments section below.

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