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There aren’t many car presenters out there that can Chris Harris’ reputation, but he built it on the fact that he genuinely likes cars and through the way he conveys his thoughts. I mean there aren’t many better videos for car enthusiasts than this one that he did for Top Gear where he travels to a warehouse packed with mint condition classics.

Chris Harris Checks Out a Garage Full of Mint Condition Classics

You can really feel his intoxicating excitement upon entering the building and seeing row after row of the some of coolest cars you could think of from the last four decades. All the vehicles you see in the warehouse are going to auction, sold under RM Auctions, and all are utterly pristine.

Choosing just one out of the sea of BMWs (and Alpinas), older Mercedes and AMG models, as well as a wide range of Japanese and British classics (to name but a few) must be a daunting task.

But I’m sure there’s enough diversity in that single building to satisfy most tastes, and the car Harris chooses to go for a ride in is an Alpina model from the 1990s based on the E38 BMW 7-Series.

Watch Chris Harris Get Excited As He Looks Over a Bunch of Mint Condition Classics from the Past 40 Years
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But he also pointed out several early Nissan sports cars, some Lagondas, an actual authentic AMG-modified Mercedes W123 wagon. The latter of which is my personal pick out of all cars shown and the one Harris himself seems to put on a pedestal the most.

But you don’t even have to choose one - for an enthusiast, just being in that room with all the cars static should still stir up quite a lot of joy.

And, as Harris states towards the end of the video, the idea of pitching a tent inside the building and just living there among the cars for a while doesn’t sound at all bad.

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