It’s Japan vs. the U.S.A. with metal-on-metal action!

I don’t know about you, but just the premise of this video was enough to get me to click. Look at those three words – Giant. Robot. Duel. What’s not to like? Here’s a little background on it for ya… a few years back, a group of U.S.-based engineering geeks called themselves MegaBots decided to put together a giant, human-piloted robot specifically created to fight other giant robots. As luck would have it, a rival Japanese group named Suidobashi was riding the same wavelength, so MegaBots did the only sensible thing and challenged Suidobashi to a duel. This is the result.

At just under 30 minutes in length, the video gives some background on both robots and the teams that created them, followed by several rounds of fighting. To be completely honest, the battles are a little slow, a little scripted, and a little anti-climatic, but hugely entertaining nonetheless. The technical know-how that went into creating these machines is monumentally impressive, and seeing the potential here is hugely exciting. This is, after all, a first in the world of giant robot-based combat entertainment, and you can bet your oversized actuator we’ll be checking out Giant Robot Duel #2 if and when it goes down. One thing, though – let’s try to keep the weight classes a little more even, mm’kay?


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