• Watch GMC Put The Sierra’s CarbonPro Bed Through Hell in a New Test Video

Perhaps, the hurricane test can be the latest trend to hit the truck market after the tugs-of-war

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GMC has constantly been in news over the last couple of weeks and we are loving it. First came the Canyon AT4’s debut, then the 2021 Yukon’s reveal, and now this test video to show the might of the Sierra truck bed.

GMC launched the Sierra with the CarbonPro bed in early 2019. Although it tried to sell it with a series of tests to prove that it can withstand anything thrown at it, it didn’t instill a ‘wow’ image in everyone’s mind.. This test, however, will change that perception.

GMC took the CarbonPro bed to a wind-testing facility where it was put through a simulated hurricane situation. To say the least, the bed passed with flying colors. In conclusion, the hurricane may swoop away your truck, but the bed will remain unbreakable. Don’t we all need that?

The CarbonPro Bed Is Invincible


We’ve seen carbon fiber being used in supercars and hypercars, mainly to keep the weight in check while boosting stiffness.

Here, however, GMC has used carbon fiber to make the sturdiest truck bed in the industry today.

When the CarbonPro Edition was launched, cinder blocks where dropped from various heights to test it. Not just this, but GMC threw 450-pound steel drums, and 1,800-pound gravel and water-filled steel barrels at it, too. The company even had a 250-pound man drive on a snowmobile into the bed and go full throttle, but the carbon fiber soaked it all without breaking a sweat. The bed survived it all with hardly a scratch!

This time around, GMC took the truck bed to the Hurricane Testing Facility in Miami, Florida, a setup that creates the destructive force of a hurricane in a controlled environment. At first, the video showcases a make-shift room getting blown away in the simulated conditions. GMC even tested its competitors’ beds. Bricks, wooden planks, and similar stuff were thrown at the bed through special launchers, and after withstanding a few attacks, the bed gave away.

But, when it came to CarbonPro bed, the stuff thrown at it couldn’t even make a dent.

Bricks, stones, wooden planks, watermelons, baseballs, a TV, and even a sofa were thrown at it with brute force.

The CarbonPro bed took it all with ease without breaking a sweat.

GMC Launched The Composite-Carbon Fiber Bed In 2019

Watch GMC Put The Sierra's CarbonPro Bed Through Hell in a New Test Video
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Other than its lightweight nature, the CarbonPro Edition has also received a higher payload rating; 59 pounds more than the standard Denali trim's bed.

The CarbonPro bed’s grained surface has increased its durability and it doesn’t need a spray-in bed liner or rear wheelhouse liners, which further helps in saving weight. The automaker has provided special cut-outs and indentations - two smaller ones on the corners for dirt bikes, and a large one in the middle for a street motorcycle with wide tires.

Two tie-down hooks are also provided to help hold the bikes in place. This reminds me of the Jeep Gladiator Flatbill Concept that marked its debut at the 2019 Easter Jeep Safari. At the time of the launch, GMC said that the CarbonPro Edition trucks will be built in limited numbers in 2019, but you can expect it to enter large scale production from the 2020 model onwards. Perhaps, that is why the company decided to showcase another video and build some hype again.

Watch GMC Put The Sierra's CarbonPro Bed Through Hell in a New Test Video
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The manufacturing process of the Carbon fiber truck bed is quite interesting. The bed starts off as a flat sheet of thermoplastic carbon fiber.

The sheets are then heated in a large oven to soften them up before getting stamped by a 3,600-ton press. The smaller bits are shaped by a 1,000-ton press.

Post this, water jets are used to cut holes, create slots for hooks and lights, and trim off any rough edges. Once this is done, all the parts are joined with a heat-cured adhesive. GMC does not let the little carbon fiber bits go waste. They are gathered, heated, and shaped into smaller pieces of the truck bed. Pretty neat, huh?

Final Thoughts

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A sturdy bed is definitely an add-on, but do we need a bed with such durability for general use? I’m pretty sure a work truck could do with it, but the CarbonPro is available only in the AT4 and the Denali trims.

GMC charges approximately $12,000 and $10,500 for the Carbon Pro beds, respectively. Is it worth the extra cash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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