We don’t suggest you take this Grand Cherokee Trackhawk on, but if you must, you can always try

You don’t want to mess with the Hennessy-tuned Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, not when it has 1,200 horsepower to throw at you. If there are some brave souls who are willing to try to take down this Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, let this video of the SUV getting tested by the folks at Hennessey serve as a warning on what you’re getting yourselves into. Despite weighing 5,300 pounds, this 1,200-horsepower Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds on its way to posting a quarter-mile time of 9.66 seconds at 145.9 mph. Still think you can this beast on? You’re more than welcome to try.

Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk HPE1200 by Hennessey Quarter Mile Run

Let’s be real here for a second. You’re probably not beating this Hennessey-tuned Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk unless you have something that can pull the same numbers as this SUV. That would require not only a 2.3-second, 0-to-60-mph time but also a 1.5-second, 60-foot reaction time, something that Hennessey achieved with the SUV.

The tuner deserves all the credit for turning this Grand Cherokee Trackhawk into a soulless animal that’s ready to rip your throats at the first chance it gets. Mind you, the SUV, on its own, already boasts a 707-horsepower output, all thanks to a Hellcat-sourced, 6.2-liter, HEMI V-8. The standard Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is no chump, but it feels like one compared to this Hennessy-tuned monstrosity.

The latter is 1.2 seconds faster to 60 mph and almost two seconds quicker to a quarter-mile. That’s the kind of melt-your-face performance we’re dealing with here.

It takes a special kind of program to make even Hennessey CEO John Hennessey beam with pride. “Our team really enjoys pushing the limits and discovering what’s possible with the vehicles we build,” he said. “Some may say that it’s pointless to build an SUV quicker than nearly every supercar and hypercar on the market today. I say that is exactly the point. And because we can. Thankfully, we have many customers who also share our passion!”

Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk HPE1200 by Hennessey Dyno Run

You can tell how much time and effort Hennessey put into building the HPE1200 Engine Upgrade Program for the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk by watching the SUV on the dyno.

The numbers are great and all, but if you really want to know why this build is so impressive, you’re going to have to turn up the volume and listen to the SUV during dyno testing.

That kind of noise is going to make a lot of people’s ears bleed.

And you know the best part? At the end of the day, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is still an SUV. “I’ve always enjoyed owning and driving fast vehicles that don’t appear to be fast,” Hennessey said. “The HPE1200 Trackhawk is as quick as a Bugatti Chiron or Dodge Demon and has room for four passengers and luggage. What more could you ask for?”

Nothing, apparently.

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