Tipping the odds in your favor in a rollover

Compared to even just 10 years ago, modern automobiles are ludicrously, unbelievably safe. With a slew of new safety technologies, both passive and active, higher crash standards, and advanced airbag systems covering just about possible impact angle, your odds of walking away from a crash are pretty good these days. Now, Hyundai is looking to take that even further with airbags for vehicles equipped with a panoramic sunroof, a system designed to keep passengers safe in a rollover by padding the large glass openings with protective cushions, keeping those in the cabin from exiting the vehicle and preventing potential injury. You can watch the system in action in the above-featured video.

Shot at 1,000 frames per second, the video shows what appears to be the cabin space of an SUV careening sideways before tipping over, much like in a rollover crash. The sunroof airbag is quickly deployed, thus making sure the crash dummies inside the cabin stay inside the cabin. In a press release, Hyundai states this is the world’s first panoramic sunroof airbag system, and introduces a new technology with 11 patents pending as the brand moves into the premium SUV market. The bags deploy in just 0.8 seconds, and according to Hyundai, the system “prevented the passenger from being flung out of the car and cushioned the impact on the head. Serious injury likely to result in the death of the passenger were reduced to minor injuries.” The tech is expected to head to mass production status soon.


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