• Watch Karma Deal Its Inevitable Wrath As the Driver of a Chevy Equinox Pulls an Illegal U-Turn

One bonehead, one brownie point for self-driving cars

Every day we find reasons to admit that, while the person individually is smart, people as a whole are stupid. The video you see here reinforces that concept beyond a reasonable doubt and karma catches up with a stupid driver almost instantly? What exactly and I talking about? Well, the video you see below showcases what happens when you either don’t pay attention or don’t give a shit about traffic laws or street signs. In short, someone in a Chevy Equinox (at least one-generation back) not only ignores common street signs that prohibit U-turns but ignores a red light and the train alert system in place. Without even watching the video, I bet you can already guess what happened.

Yup; that moronic driver got creamed. Lucky for them, however, they were going fast enough that the train they cut in front of only hit the rear, driver’s side quarter panel. It could have clearly been much worse and, if the driver was just going a bit slower, this would have undoubtedly been a fatal accident. Of course, it could have been anyway considering the fact that there could have been someone in the rear seat of the Equinox. We’re hoping not, and we hope that anyone in the car escaped with no or minor injuries.

This video also raises a question about whether or not mankind is actually devolving. The driver of this Equinox exhibited no common sense, no respect for the laws of the road, and absolutely zero survival or self-preservation instinct. Instead, their desire to get somewhere just a few minutes quicker almost cost them their life and who knows what kind of injuries for passengers on the train or anyone else in the car. The driver of the Equinox has, hopefully, learned their lesson and you can chalk this one off as one more brownie point toward an ever-increasing need to put self-driving cars on the road.

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