• Watch Ken Block Destroy Tires In His New Hoonitruck: Video

Unleash the beast!

Back in October, Ken Block revealed the latest wild machine to claw its way out of his caffeine- and tire smoke-addled brain. It’s called the Hoonitruck, and it’s a twin-turbo, 914-horse dose of custom carbon fiber madness designed to shred all things round and rubber. Now, you can watch it do exactly that in this 2-minute, 43-second test session video.

Sending Smoke Signals

If you can’t get enough of the Hoonigan’s brand of automotive shenaniganry, then this video is sure to scratch that itch.

The whole thing is nothing more than glory shots of the Hoonitruck sliding and spinning all four in billowing clouds of vaporized tire, dodging barrels and laying into the loud pedal with reckless abandon. The video includes shots from both outside the truck and Block’s perspective behind the wheel, and that’s it - no commentary, no distractions, just foot-down insanity from the word go.

Given this is a test session, the Hoonitruck is missing its front body work, but honestly, that makes it look even more badass. It gives us a nice view of the massive front intercooler and turbo piping, all while the front suspension does its thing to keep the beast headed where intended.

Watch Ken Block Destroy Tires In His New Hoonitruck: Video
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As a reminder, the Hoonitruck is equipped with a boosted 3.5-liter V-6 lifted from the engine bay of a Le Mans-spec Ford GT. Output is rated at 914 horsepower, all of which is sent to the tarmac by way of a rally-style AWD system and sequential race transmission.

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