Nothing unusual here, just Ken ripping a truck on mountainous roads in China!

Ken Block is one of the best professional drivers out there. Although he’s been in the business for a long time, it is the Gymkhana video that got him the fame he deserves. Since then, Block has been doing what he does best, only upping the skills each time. All his videos have the oomph and pizzazz that can make you go wow in an instant.

Now, he is back again with another terrifyingly-awesome video that’s titled ‘Climbkhana Two’. In this video, you can see the master rule the Tianmen Mountain in China. But, guess what? It’s not in some sleazy Subaru, as Mr. Block chose the F-150 Hoonitruck this time!! So, are you ready to have your minds blown?

If Ken Block Won’t Do It, Then Who Will?

This nine-minute video is the ultimate cargasm you need today. The video is shot on the Tianmen Mountain, also called Heaven’s Gate, in China. The ‘trench’ has 99 deadly hairpin turns and Block is out there in the F-150 Hoonigan to conquer them all.

The roads seem to be wide and not as deadly as they are hyped to be, but it's no easy feat to drift on such roads with a truck that has 914 horses under the hood.

There are a lot of moments in the video that will leave you awestruck. If I were to describe this video in a word, I’d say “precision.”

Yes, the concrete roads seem rather safe with grilles and barricades around, but how sure are you that they will keep a heavy truck with almost 1,000 horses on tap safe over there? There is a mighty drop on the other side of the mountain and Block takes it quite close to the edge of the road.

This Is One Special F-150 “Hoonitruck”

Watch Ken Block Hoon His Way to Heaven's Gate in Climbkhana Two
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The F-150 that Block uses is not a new sight. We have seen it earlier as well. It is basically a 1977 Ford F-150 built by Ken Block and the Hoonigan team. Other than the shape, nothing really belongs to the 1977 F-150.

This wide-body F-150 features huge turbos and intake manifolds sticking out of the custom hood made of aero components, while the rear looks like a Nascar design with the custom wings.

The body is made from military-grade aluminum and features the same style wrap as the original Hoonicorn. The 20-inch deep-dish wheels and body make this beauty much larger than the previous gymkhana cars we’re used to seeing. Lastly, there’s a tow hitch at the back, well, because it’s a truck.

The interior is never something you would pay attention to in Ken Block’s car, other than the driver’s side systems. The instrument cluster is a mix of analog and digital gauges and features custom controls. The three-spoke steering wheel comes with a quartet of thumb-length buttons with an unspecified functionality.

Watch Ken Block Hoon His Way to Heaven's Gate in Climbkhana Two
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The two levers you see sticking out of the floor and the ones that Block uses extensively are basically a gear lever and handbrake. It follows a sequential race transmission pattern and comes with what appears to be a line lock. It probably helps disengage torque to the front wheels and sends all the power to the rear wheels for those donuts, powerslides, and burnouts. The golden lever is the handbrake to lock the rear tires and it features the Hoonigan logo on the handgrip. Fancy, right?

The Hoonitruck is all about its power, and that is derived from a 3.5-liter, EcoBoost V-6 engine built from Billet aluminum.

There are two turbochargers plonked in, thus creating a total of 914 ponies at 7,400 rpm and 702 pound-feet of torque at 6,450 rpm. The Hoonitruck uses a tube frame chassis for its underlying architecture. The team has made use of a fully independent suspension system with race-spec components throughout, including coilover suspension bits in the corners. According to Hoonigan Racing, this mill is based on the same powertrain found inside the Ford GT that won at the 2016 Le Mans Race.

Final Thoughts

Watch Ken Block Hoon His Way to Heaven's Gate in Climbkhana Two
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Block’s first Climbkhana video came out two years back and it left us befuddled as he dominated the Pikes Peak course in his Mustang. It wasn’t any ordinary Mustang, which is obvious since it’s Ken Block’s ride we’re talking about here. This was a twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive Mustang that made a staggering 1,400 horses! The Mustang was called the Hoonicorn 2 and was given twin-turbos and a methanol injection system to acclimate it with the high-altitude air. Two years later, Block showcases his skills in a truck. What do you think would be Ken’s next ride and playground? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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