• Watch Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Take on an 1100HP Chevy Nova Dragster

Can anything stop the Hoonicorn in a straight line at this point?

Undefeated in its quest to take on the car world and conquer it one drag race (or three) at at time, the Hoonicorn takes on another rad build. This time, sparks fly as Ken Block’s tire-slashing Gymkhana car meets a Chevy Nova dragster.

Watch Ken Block's Hoonicorn Take on an 1100HP Chevy Nova Dragster
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With a 6.7-liter Roush-Yates V-8 cranking out 1,400 horsepower and 1,250 pound-feet of torque, Ken Block's AWD Hoonicorn has quickly become a feared appearance on the drag strip.

But they say you’re only as good as your last win so even though the Hoonicorn smashed the likes of McLaren Senna and Rob Dahm’s four-rotor Mazda RX-7, a new challenge presented itself.

Remember, the Hoonicorn wasn’t built for drag racing, however, it can zap from naught to 60 in 1.8 seconds. Apparently, that’s not enough to scare away its latest opponent, a 1100-horsepower, fully drag-prepped 1966 Chevy Nova.

Watch Ken Block's Hoonicorn Take on an 1100HP Chevy Nova Dragster
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Owned by Aint Skeerd Racing’s Chris P., the Nova SS packs a naturally-aspirated big-block V-8 and every other drag race-specific mod you can think of: a stripped interior, roll cage, and fat ass radial tires in the rear. Yep, the Nova is rear-wheel driven and the race takes place on a prepped surface, meaning the Hoonicorn might be in some trouble.

Still, the Hoonicorn’s biggest advantage lies in its all-wheel-drive layout. 1,400 horsepower can often count for nothing without enough grip and tire-asphalt connection, which is obviously not the case for the Mustang. Then again, the Nova is pretty much on its home turf, on a prepped surface, waiting to cling onto the ground and shoot for the win.

Normally, we’d pick a side in no time but this here battle is way too tight. Care to lay any bets?

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