The tree is overhwelmed by the sheer ferocity of the Pro 4 Unlimited truck

Christmas has passed, and you’re probably about tired of looking at your Christmas tree. But, let’s look back a few days at 4-time Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Pro 4 champion Kyle LeDuc and the dilemma that left him behind schedule in this ad by Toyo Tires.

As you’d expect from an off-road racer, LeDuc doesn’t just head to the tree shop with a dull station wagon or an SUV, instead opting for his No. 99 Monster Energy-sponsored and Toyo-shod truck. What happens next is everything you’d hope for when it comes to a video like this.

If there’s a better way to carry your Christmas tree back home, we haven’t seen it yet

Tough situations call for drastic measures. That’s precisely what Kyle LeDuc thought when he decided to go Christmas tree hunting with his Ford-styled truck. The official Toyo Tires driver gives his name to the video that came out of this mission, ’A LeDuc Christmas.’

In the video, LeDuc is seen walking through rows and rows of trees, from pine to fir, before going for one particular tree that he unceremoniously drags across the ground to his means of transportation. We then get to see what he’s brought for the task at hand: his black-gray-and-green truck that, for once, is spotless. With the tree tied up and ready to go, LeDuc gets suited and booted, jumps aboard and unleashes hell as the noise of the 900 horsepower truck fills the surrounding. He then leaves after completing a few mandatory donuts that probably left the other Christmas trees decidedly dusty, quite inconsiderate if we think about the other customers that were looking for a tree that day!

Watch Kyle LeDuc Go Chrismas Tree Shopping In His 900 Horsepower Truck
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The next few minutes are as action-packed as they could possibly be. LeDuc masterfully drives his truck over the rough gravel and dust terrain, sliding through each band and narrowly avoiding hitting some obstacles a few times. The extreme route that leads him back to his house even includes a tabletop jump which he executes to perfection.

In the end, the Pro 4 race driver arrives home in a cloud of dust and is greeted on the doorstep by his wife whose smile turns immediately into a frown as she notices that the tree is ruined: all the speed and antics stripped the branches of most of its needles. It goes without saying that LeDuc would do it again in the same fashion which is why the two ultimately decorate the ravaged tree as it is.

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