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Last summer, NASA unveiled the Mars Rover Concept at the Kennedy Space Center. American Comedian Stephan Colbert got a chance to drive it around New York City with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Since you have Stephan Colbert in the video, it ought to be entertaining. Colbert and Tyson start driving and hit some really high speeds to the extent of 3 mph! On the way, they encounter a jaywalker and stop for a quick shopping trip. Then the pair decides to put the Rover to test its tires which have been designed to run on the surface of Mars. So, what do they do? Run it over a carton of eggs.

When the Mars Rover Concept was unveiled last year, NASA said it weighed 6000 pounds and could ferry four people. It rides on 50-inch tires, and the main focus has been on reinforcing the suspension, as it will be used as an off-road vehicle. NASA also claimed that even though the Rover will drive around between 10-15 mph, it is capable of touching speeds of 70 mph. This is in stark contrast to the Lunar Roving Vehicle which topped out at 11 mph!

As you can see, there is hardly any information revealed, and the focus has been on entertaining the viewers. This Rover was made by Parker Brothers Concept with the help of NASA engineers. Watch the video and let us know what you feel about the Mars Rover Concept in the comments section below.

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