The Internet is awash with unsolicited advice, and here at TopSpeed, we offer our fair share of criticism directed at the car companies, questioning everything from mechanical design to paint choices. Often, these helpful little tidbits are accompanied with gentle recommendations to give it another shot (“Burn it!”) or continue with a little more research and development (“How stupid can they be?”).

Ah yes, the free exchange of information is indeed a beautiful thing. But when you get down to it, car development ain’t easy. There’s a whole lot that goes into even the most mundane commuter. But still, we could still probably do better, right?

Automation wants to give us the chance to prove it. Developed by Camshaft Software, an indie start-up based out of Wellington, New Zealand, Automation is a tycoon simulator that lets players design and build their very own cars completely from scratch.

You start with a newly founded car company in post-war 1946. From these humble beginnings, the game offers a blank slate for the creation of a vehicle lineup that meets the various demands of different markets and builders. Research of new technology and expansion of the company are all part of it.

Automation is still in development, but that didn’t stop Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire from giving it a whirl. The results, while well intentioned, are a bit… let’s go with orange. Yeah, it’s definitely orange, that much is undeniable.

Anyone interested in Automation can check out early access to the Engine Designer and Car Designer features here. New milestone versions will be released as they are completed, with a release on Steam planned in the next few months. Let’s show Audi, et al, how it’s done!


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