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Before anyone goes all crazy and starts posting things like, "This has ruined Top Gear" or "This is going to suck," why don’t we sit back and actually give the show a chance? Fellow auto journalists, Jeff Glucker and Michael Harley from AutoBlog, did just this and weren’t in the least bit disappointed with what they witnessed when they were invited to attend a taping of the American version of Top Gear this past Monday, October 18, 2010.

They were not able to divulge details on the actual escapades of the show because they were slapped with an NDA as soon as they stepped on to the old plane hanger on the former El Toro Base in Irvine, CA., but the two journalists had nothing, but good things to say about what they witnessed.

On the Top Gear USA set there were the usual types of vehicles you would see on the British version of the show. There were two older cars which were no doubt used for some sort of vehicular challenge, a few supercars, a souped-up pick-up truck, some high end sports cars, and a few other random vehicles.

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We should expect to see some of the same ridiculous challenges as in the original Top Gear with a twist or spin to differentiate them from the original while still providing the opportunity for hilarious results. The Stig will also be present showing stars how to drive in the USA’s segment, "Big Star in a Small Car."

What a lot of people will be excited to see is that the trio of Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara, and Rutledge Wood have already formed a strong chemistry that is not a mirror image of their British counterparts. These three have their own personalities which are evident in their discussions on and off the air.

The only thing that leaves us with a bit of concern is the fact that Richard Porter, head writer for the British version, doesn’t seem to be too confident about the show’s immediate success. He told AutoBlog journalists to "be patient with this new show because, quite frankly, the first few seasons of the original Top Gear were ’total s#*t.’ Of course, then he went on to say he was instantly impressed with what Top Gear USA has managed in a very short amount of time.

Basically, Top Gear USA seems to have quite a few tricks up their sleeve and, for the love of everything Top Gear, we have to give our folks on this side of the pond a chance to dazzle us with their automotive knowledge and hilarious antics.

Top Gear USA airs on the History Channel at the end of November.

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  (676) posted on 10.22.2010

Everyone will held both eyes on the TopGear USA then compare it to the later season.

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