An Audi E-tron GT With Porsche Tech To Take On The Model S 100D?

The Audi E-tron GT is coming, and it will, by all accounts, be epic. Ever since Tesla made such glorious strides in the electric car fandom, the car world has been waiting for the rest of the big automakers to catch up. With the introduction of numerous expensive electric SUVs in the past couple of years, the car community as a whole gained the much needed electric car boost. But a true Tesla Model S competitor was still nowhere to be found. Until now. The Audi E-tron GT will be its competitor. And I am not the only one to say it. Siegfried Pint, Head of Development for Electric Drive at Audi, said that the new car is “steered towards performance.”

Audi E-tron GT vs Tesla Model S 100D

Watch Out Tesla Model S - The Audi E-tron GT Will be All About Power
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The Audi E-tron GT is a sedan built on top of the Audi platform for electric cars, but actually sporting a so-called “flat-floor” architecture rather than the high-floor architecture of the Audi electric SUV - the E-tron and the E-tron Sportback.

Using a structure like this basically means that the Audi E-tron GT will have a low center of gravity and a flat underside for perfect aerodynamic efficiency.

The Tesla Model S is almost like that, but the Audi E-tron GT will have to do much more than be just like the Tesla Model S. It will need to brawl with the Model S P100D, a car so intoxicatingly quick it moved the bar of quickness for supercars as well. Some independent test shows that the 2017 Tesla Model S P100D could do incredible 0-60 mph run in 2.4 seconds. This is downright bizarre. However, the Audi E-tron GT probably won’t aim to take that scalp. It will aim for the crown of the Tesla Model S 100D which can actually do 0-60 mph run in 4.2 seconds. This car, although nowhere as nearly as popular as the P100D, is actually a rather nice seller that can do more miles on one charge compared with the berzerk P100D. The P100D is about 40 grand more compared with the 100D, mind you.

The E-tron GT, then, will be quicker than the 100D that actually counts.

The Audi E-tron GT Is Based On Top Of The Porsche Taycan Architecture

Watch Out Tesla Model S - The Audi E-tron GT Will be All About Power
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This means a few really important things:

  • The Audi E-tron GT will feel a bit like a Porsche (a good thing), and it will have the most advanced charging system in the industry (the 350 kW charging system for recharging 80 percent of the battery in 12 minutes).
  • It will probably have 600+ horsepower electric motors on board for performance that will match what the Tesla Model S 100D is doing (see, the Taycan could be like the P100D in terms of quickness).
  • It will be as luxurious as any expensive Audi thanks to the use of the new Premium Platform Electric that the Volkswagen Group developed for the next generation of their cars.

Second Electric Audi

Watch Out Tesla Model S - The Audi E-tron GT Will be All About Power Exterior
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Audi plans to introduce ten more electric models before 2025. Additionally, the company will add 15 electrified cars in the same timeframe. That is a lot of electric motors. Yet, only some of them will be close to the Porsche Taycan. The Audi E-tron GT included. That one will, according to the Development Chief, “get some genes from Porsche and add a lot of Audi genes.”

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