The world’s most powerful rocket in operation is about to make its maiden voyage into the heavens. It’s been a long ride with crazy tweets from Elon Musk himself, but sure enough, his very own Tesla Roadster — with Starman at the helm — is the primary payload. And, you better believe Space Oddity will be playing at full blast on repeat for the entire trip.

There’s no telling what will happen. Musk himself has said that it will either be "an exciting success or an exciting failure." Of course, we’re hoping for the former as there’s just something about a Tesla Roadster floating around the solar system that tickles our manhood a little bit. For now, there’s been a small delay thanks to some atmospheric winds, but the launch is scheduled to take place at 3:45 pm EST should everything continue to pan out. For now, we’ll be watching, and you should too!

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