That’s three minutes of wholesome, mesmerizing action

Stadium Super Trucks is technically just a support series for IndyCar, but it is super-fun nevertheless. Off-road, customized trucks racing through and jumping around is a sight to watch.

Recently, the Stadium Super Trucks YouTube channel released a footage of last year’s race at Road America with a backward-facing camera mounted on one of the car’s rear bumper. The three-minute video shows the race from arguably the best angle. This is the best thing you’ll see on the internet today!

Nothing Better Than A Rear-Facing Camera

Watch Stadium Super Trucks In a Way You've Never Seen Before
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The camera is mounted on Robby Gordon’s No. 7 Speed Energy truck. The footage is from last year’s Road America race and shows it from a completely different vantage point. You can see Gordon’s truck fly in the air and other racers trying to overtake him to take lead. In some scenes, the trucks get so close to each other and you feel they’re about to crash into each other and flip over.

At one point, you see Matty Brabham’s truck going “off-road” and almost crashing into a wall, but he saved it brilliantly. Such stuff happens all the time, but this angle makes it looks even more aggressive and shows how close it can really get and why this sort of racing is rather dangerous.

The Stadium Super Trucks series was created by IndyCar and NASCAR driver Robby Gordon back in 2013. The series has become a hit today for its raw action and has spread overseas. These off-road trucks initially competed in American Football Stadium, but moved to street circuits and road courses in 2014. All the trucks are identical and look tough, but they are pretty fast too. On straight lines, these trucks can hit up to 150 mph.

Watch Stadium Super Trucks In a Way You've Never Seen Before
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Since there are no races happening anytime soon, it’s good to see such videos. Did you enjoy this angle more than the regular broadcast? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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