The all-new Bronco continues to impress with its off-roading prowess

We recently saw the Ford Bronco conquer the Rubicon Trail and now, it has reached Moab, Utah, to prove its mettle on an even bigger stage. Hell’s Revenge is one of the toughest off-road ‘circuits’ and is recommended only for veterans. There are a lot of steep climbs, slick rocks, and whatnot, and Ford decided to test the Bronco here too. Two videos were uploaded by The Bronco Nation on its YouTube channel and you can see the all-new off-roader conquer this trail successfully with ease.

Such Videos Are A Big Threat To The Jeep Wrangler

Watch The 2021 Ford Bronco Conquer The Hell's Revenge Trail In Moab
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The channel calls it the Bronco’s Durability Test, which is fair because Hell’s Revenge is one of the toughest trails for off-roading.

This 6.5-mile-long trail takes things to the extreme and is recommended only for the most experienced drivers. There aren’t just a couple of Broncos, but a whole bunch, perhaps, all outfitted differently. You can see the four-door Broncos with roof, without the roof, the two-door models without doors, and all permutations and combinations possible.

Some fantastic scenes show how capable the Bronco is in the real world. In the Part 1 video, make sure to check out the four-door model and two-door model’s near-vertical climb at the 3:25 second mark.

From climbing rocks and boulders to smooth-polished slick rocks, the Bronco goes over the whole range successfully.

Surprisingly, there are camouflaged examples as well.

Some dashcam recordings also give a driver’s view of the trail and how it would feel driving the Bronco on such terrains. Drone recordings in between the videos give an accurate idea of the steep inclines from the bird’s eye view. The split removable roof can also be seen in some parts where only the side above the driver’s head is taken off. One section called ‘Mickey’s Hot Tub’ looks the most extreme. There is a heavy slope and a vertical incline before the vehicle can even stabilize. Not just the two-door, but even the four-door Bronco nailed this part.

Final Thoughts

Watch The 2021 Ford Bronco Conquer The Hell's Revenge Trail In Moab
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Although the Bronco looks invincible here, it must be noted that the videos are uploaded by The Bronco Nation, which is apparently an arm of Ford’s PR department.

So, it shows just the Bronco’s strengths and cannot be construed as an objective, both-the-sides-of-a-coin demonstration. Also, a few views of the cabin with the manual transmission being engaged and operated would’ve been the icing on the cake. Nevertheless, it’s a fun video. Watch both parts and let us know what you feel about it in our comments section below.

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