It’s no flying DeLorean, but it’s still pretty cool

The Airbus Vahana project is one of the many projects that shed light on what the future of autonomous mobility could be like, and you can now watch it take a very quick flight – a feat that proves Airbus, at least, is on the right track to the flying-car future we’ve all fantasized about for so long. It’s nothing like science fiction promised, and for all intents and purposes, it’s basically a self-flying helicopter with a handful of small propellers. That doesn’t mean it isn’t one of, if not the most, feasible prototype operating today.

In the video below, you won’t get to see much. In fact, at this point, a “successful flight” results in a simple climb of 16 feet and a total flight time of around 53 seconds. Of course, that’s still closer to flying cars than we were a couple of years ago and this working prototype could lead to a commercialized version being on the market as early as 2020 should these successful flights continue with more longevity. That, seemingly inevitable, future is still a while away, so until then, check out the video below.


First Flight of Airbus Passenger Drone a Complete Success
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Vahana, A³ by Airbus

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