Boosted six-cylinder legend in a new-school platform makes sense, but careful with the fueling

When Toyota revealed the new fifth-generation Supra at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, fans had mixed reactions. While some were ecstatic for the return of the nameplate after two decades on the shelf, others felt that the BMW-sourced six-cylinder engine was a disservice to such a legendary performer. Of course, the logical next step was obvious - swap in the venerable 2JZ engine! And that’s exactly what Japanese pro drifter Daigo Saito did, as documented in this two-minute video.

The Monster Lives!

This video is brief, but it’s chock-full of good stuff.

It starts with the build, as Saito’s team preps the donor car and swaps in the new (old?) 2JZ engine. The donor car starts life covered in swirly camo and looks to be in full street-spec, but Saito and his team quickly rip out all the cushy bits to transform this thing into a rock-hard fire-spewing smoke machine.

Watch the First 2JZ-Swapped 2020 Toyota Supra Tear Ass Just a Week Before It Burst Into Flames
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That includes the interior, which is stripped down to the bare metal and upgraded with a set of race seats and a carbon dash. In the corners, the team installs race-spec suspension and upgraded brakes.

Watch the First 2JZ-Swapped 2020 Toyota Supra Tear Ass Just a Week Before It Burst Into Flames
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Of course, I’d be lying if said the star of the show wasn’t the fully-built 2JZ engine mounted up front.

Displacement for this beast was upped to 3.4 liters thanks to an aftermarket kit from HKS, while the turbo (also from HKS) is a GT III 4R tuned to breathe 2.0 kgf/cm2 (28.4 psi) of boost into the six-cylinder.

All told, the drift car makes about 800 horsepower and 90 kg/m (651 pound-feet) of torque, all of which is unleashed on the dyno about halfway through the video.

The build took just 42 days to complete - pretty impressive stuff. Of course, the engine spec was probably nailed down a long time before the donor car even arrived, but still, 42 days is quick.

Watch the First 2JZ-Swapped 2020 Toyota Supra Tear Ass Just a Week Before It Burst Into Flames
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With the build complete, Saito takes it out testing, providing us with some glorious sideways-and-smokey shots with all 800 horsepower at work. This thing absolutely rips, and it sounds great too as it slings around the test pad.

The video ends with the application of a fresh Monster Energy livery and widebody kit, which makes the final product look even tastier.

Unfortunately, there were still some issues left to sort out, as the A90 drifter caught on fire a few days later at the “Monster Energy Presents D1GP All-Star Shoot-Out” in Odaiba, Japan.

But, as they say, that’s racing. I’m sure the team will have the car ready for prime time in no time.

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