We don’t really put too much stock on this test

Jaguar believes that the I-Pace is the new benchmark among all-electric SUVs. It certainly makes a good case by the numbers, but does it really have the performance chops to beat the established king of the segment, the Tesla Model X? Jaguar tried to find out by lining up the I-Pace against two versions of the Model X —the 75D and the 100D — in an old-fashioned 0-60-0 mph test. The objective is to beat the other car to 60 mph and then brake completely back to a standstill in the shortest distance possible.

Predictably, the 394-horsepower and 512-pound-foot I-Pace beat the 328-horsepower and 387-pound-foot Model X 75D in the test, outpacing the Tesla by a full car-length to 60 mph before watching the Model X overshoot its braking. No surprises here, and we’re actually surprised that Jaguar put the 75D variant against the I-Pace considering the disparity in power and performance figures between the two models. For the record, the I-Pace can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds while the Model X 75D can do it in 4.9 seconds. The result is believable, even if we were snickering as we were watching it.

The 100D, on the other hand, offered a more serious challenge, or so we thought. Despite achieving a 4.7-second, 0-to-60-mph time, the Model X 100D still lost handily to the I-Pace by half a car’s length. We’re not sure if there were some shenanigans on Jaguar’s part, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there were. Automakers typically resort to tactics to promote their own model in comparison tests so it wouldn’t be shocking if Jag did a few eye winks along the way. The thing is, it probably didn’t need to because the I-Pace is impressive enough in its own right.

Care to bet that a response from Tesla is on the way?


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